Mother's Therapy Organics -- Skin Care Soft to the Touch {giveaway}

A few weeks back I was sent this amazing package of products from Mother's Therapy Organics and I am beyond excited to share this goodness with you! Y'all know how I am...I love natural, organic products that aren't full of nasty chemicals so these were right up my alley. 

These products are amazing! Simply amazing. 

I'm such a germ freak (thank you OCD) so I always have to wash or sanitize my hands after a diaper change and I even keep a bottle of sanitizer on the changing table. Well you know how too much sanitizing can lead to dry skin? Let's just say that my hands are cracked and dry on a regular basis due to cold weather, my lack of lotion use and too much sanitizing. I have found a new favorite product with MTO -- the germ fight'n lotion! Seriously this is one of the best products that I have tried in awhile. I can moisturize my hands while also getting the germs off after diaper changes or before diaper changes when you have to handle baby's delicate skin. I think this product is just genius!

Overall I am very pleased and satisfied with these products. My favorite thing about them is the calming cucumber scents that the products have (that has always been a favorite scent of mine). The lotion (both of them) are so incredibly soft on my skin and give me better results than most other name brand lotions and is safe for my baby too. 

Please make sure to check out their website and take a look at these products. They are made especially for baby and for anyone else and are free of all that nasty stuff that you don't want on your skin and in your house. I love that they list all of their ingredients so you can see for yourself just how healthy and natural they are. 

I would recommend this to a friend in a heartbeat. I hope to see this company take off and expand even further because they are definitely on the right track!

You can enter to win a family hand sanitizer gift pack valued at $30! Thanks so much to the sweet people at MTO for giving away a pack to my readers. 

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Happy Giveaway Day, Sasha
*Disclosure, although I was sent this to review, all opinions and reviews are honest and solely my own
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