Green Linkup: Wrapping Up My Presents!

Okay so I wanted to be green about my presents this year and wrap them in recycled newspaper from my parent's house but when I took out all of my Christmas decor I found like five rolls from last year. 

So green wrapping paper: fail. Recycled paper: kinda sorta.

I suppose I could be really picky and say no way am I using this stuff, but then that would just be a waste. So I have started wrapping up all of our presents and I actually think I will have enough for this year. I am pretty excited about it because that means that I didn't have to buy anything but a little bit of raffia and ribbons for accents (I also recycle my bows and ribbons each year). 

It has been bugging me to know what people really do to wrap presents and remain green about the process; so here are some fun ideas from Pinterest. For the most part, many people just seem to purchase eco-friendly paper that is made out of 100% recycled paper or they use items like calendars, fabric, brown bags, etc...

There is so much out there!
Any eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas that you have?

xoxo, Sasha

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