If We Can't Quote the Bible, We Can't Do Anything (My Thoughts to A&E)

If you're a Duck Dynasty fan like me, you're probably pretty damn ticked off that Phil is being removed indefinitely for expressing his opinions. For expressing his beliefs and for doing what? Quoting the Bible. 

Now before you get all "equality" on me, please note that I am actually for equality and I do not believe that we should be the ones to tell or judge someone for who they choose to love. It's God's job to judge; not mine. 

And yes I can be both people in this situation. I can support equality and still believe in the Bible. I am a Christian and I believe in the good book, but that doesn't mean that I'm the Almighty who can point fingers and say, "you're doing evil." It just means that I know what the good book says and that I believe in God but I also happen to believe in love. Call me a hypocrite or say I'm not a "true" Christian, go ahead I double dog dare you. All I want for others is happiness and love, so if that means they want to go against the good book then who are we to stop them? They know what it says and they know God's feelings on it (and no being gay isn't the same as committing murder so don't even leave that comment for me again). 

HE is the only one who can judge. 
Not me. 
Not you. 
And definitely not A&E.
And no, not GLAAD either. 

What I can't believe is that the dumb people over at A&E decided to remove one of the biggest stars they've ever had on their network because he did what? He quoted the Bible. Seriously dude? That's it? You're getting rid of him because of that?

Wait a minute, wait a minute...

Didn't they do this show just so they could spread their faith? Couldn't you foresee something like this? Didn't you know when you filmed the pilot and all that other crap that they were extreme Christians? Let's not say extreme...let's say true. They are TRUE Christians. They aren't afraid of doing things like spreading God's will and word and they are not afraid of quoting the good book. 

Bravo to the Robertson family, bravo. 

So you're going to take the biggest show on TV, the biggest show you've ever seen and get rid of one of the biggest stars on it because he quoted the good book? All because he quoted the Bible and some gay rights activists got on your case about. Wowzers. 

Smooth move A&E, smooth move.

Why don't you let us all know in a few days if you still feel the same. I highly doubt you're sitting there grinning and laughing some evil laugh right now. You know you're about to feel the wrath of pretty much all of America. That's a whole lot of heat you have coming your way and I think it is quite hilarious. You're lucky if Willie and Jase don't set you up somewhere in the woods and use you for target practice. 

So whether or not you're pro equality or you're a Christian and reading this thinking I'm a "lukewarm" Christian, it really doesn't matter. What's most important here is freedom of speech. If we can't go around quoting the Bible (in a not-so-in-your-face-pushy-person-knocking-on-your-front-door-way) then we really can't do anything. 

Well, that's just my opinion. 

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