Becoming a Little Greener

What if I told you that not all baby products that you buy at the store are really safe for your child? What if I told you that the trusted name Johnson and Johnson isn't actually so trustworthy? What if I asked you about your home cleaners and whether or not they were toxic? Would you be shocked to find out that they more than likely are?

As consumers we purchase those products that appeal to us. We purchase the ones with pretty labeling, the ones that smell good and mostly the ones that we can afford. We typically go the easy route when it comes to household and skin care products; the easy route being the typical name brands that we are used to and grew up using. We see Johnson and Johnson's commercials all day long and assume it is the best choice and we think of disposable diapers as the only way to go (hey they are convenient).

As it turns out, many of those trusted name brands that we use are not what is best for our homes and especially for our babies. Many products out there (uh-em J&J's) contain traces of chemicals and carcinogens that we don't want on our baby's skin or in their mouth. Disposable diapers can be the culprit behind that gosh awful diaper rash your baby always seems to have. And what do we really know about using Lysol and Clorox in our homes?

Searching for green, "non toxic" products doesn’t have to be so hard. Due to increasing awareness and interest, there seems to be more of these items available now, but you do have to make sure to search for the right ones. Some companies can mislead you with their information by saying something is “natural” when it may not actually be. Search for a name you can trust; easy access (online is perfect!) and tons of information to help ensure you’re purchasing the right product.

 As a mother or even just the head of the household (aka the hubby wife) we should strive to protect our love ones. All it takes is a little bit of research on the Internet, a little label reading and some new awareness. Using green, non toxic items in your home does not make you a tree hugging hippy running outside picketing on your neighbors lawn for not recycling; it just means that you're taking the steps you can to make your home healthier. 

What if I told you that hydrogen peroxide and vinegar used together create a stronger disinfectant than any other disinfect out there? Well guess is true. Buy two spray bottles, pour the HP in one and the vinegar in another, spray both on your surface and wipe with a damp cloth. Waaaa laaa. You've just disinfected for a few bucks AND you cleaned with natural items that are not toxic. 

What if I told you that by making just a few small changes here and there you'd be helping your family, children and environment by making it cleaner, less toxic and healthier? I'm going to tell you that those little small changes add up; and in my book little changes can equal big results. 

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With the New Year approaching, what's some of the small
things you could do to live a little bit more "green?"

xoxo, Sasha
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