Baby Boy's Winter Fashion

Okay so yea, I'd say that dressing up little boys can be a ton of fun. Seriously how cute is this stuff? I can't wait to have a little guy to dress like a "little man" one day. He'd wear this sort of stuff.

I'm sure his daddy will have a ball with dressing him too. Daddy is pretty fashionable himself -- sooooo -- I'm sure our future son will be a stud. Not to mention that daddy is picky with name brands (Express, Ralph Lauren) and I'm not really like that. There's a good chance that our son will have some fancy items in his closet. 

{I'm talking about our "son" like he already exists. I hope he's in the cards for us. Hubby said if babies two and three are girls, we're going for number four!}

Many of these items are from Amazon and ebay. I'm a huge fan of Amazon lately and have picked up a couple of Lamaze Toys from their recently. 

Where do you find your child's clothes?

Happy Sunday, Sasha

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