Homemade Baby Food Sweet Treat

I recently made my first combination meal for my Little Bug and it was a spur of the moment decision to combine some pears with about 3/4 of a banana. The recipe was definitely more pears than bananas, but she sure seemed to love the "sweet" treat. 

I also purchased these baby food Popsicle makers from Wal-Mart recently and decided to freeze this recipe for her and see how she liked it as a Popsicle. Well baby girl loved it! It did take her a bit to figure out she could hold it herself -- it was so cute seeing her figure it out.  I'm sure the cold treat felt good on her poor gums that are ALWAYS hurting her. She has two bottom teeth now (almost completely out) and I'm thinking something else is brewing up top. 

So if you have a teething baby, I think you should give these suckers a try! Yay for healthy, natural "snacks" for baby. Don't worry, I didn't just throw in a random snack; this fruit Popsicle actually replaced her fruit for lunch. I'm not a fan of the word "snack" or "sweet treat" with a baby. But I'm sure to them fruit is definitely a sweet treat!

What's your favorite baby food snack?
How many moms do the puffs?
I've been debating on those...

Thanks for reading, Sasha
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