My Guy and a Day

Is there ever a day in your relationship where you make every mental note possible about that day? You take in the weather, the aromas, the surroundings and maybe even the clothes you were wearing. You relish every second of that day because it was such a joyous one. It's one of those days that makes time stop and makes you want to then relive it over and over again once time resumes. Sometimes I sincerely wish we could stop time for a second or even travel back. There's so many days that I'd want to recreate and live all over again. 

Guys may not be quite like us. They may not remember what we were wearing and they may not remember what we smelled like, but chances are they remember just how good of a day it was too. They may even want to recreate it again too. Perhaps they're just not as vocal as us. They don't quite pester like us women do. They want to create new memories while we want to recreate the old ones. Hubby and I are famous for this: I want to continue going to the same restaurants and same vacation spots whereas he wants to go to new places. 

Life is definitely a journey of creating new memories. And sadly, we really can't recreate the old ones. We can try to recreate them, but they're just going to be new memories too. It's a great feeling to know how many wonderful memories exist from the past because it excites you for the future. Guys sure know how to steal a girl's heart and make us tender at their very touch. Guys are the building blocks of our future memories. They help us create a life of memories that we'll always cherish. Where would we be without those pesky old farts? I don't think we'd be very far. 

On our honeymoon in Laguna Beach, CA {Then}
With our daughter now -- talk about wonderful, new memories to create with this amazing man of mine. 

What day would you want to recreate with your guy?
Off the top of my head, I want to say a day from our Honeymoon in Cali!
{And maybe even the birth of our daughter -- I mean -- that was an AWESOME day}

xoxo, Sasha

*This post was originally written for my former blog, Romance in a Glance, and was originally titled: Let's Date Again
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