Green Linkup: Let's Talk About Sophie

Last week while in Natchez I went ahead and purchased my daughter the famous teething toy that oh my gosh you just have to get, Sophie the Giraffe. If you have a baby and haven't heard of Sophie then you must be living under a rock (okay, just kidding -- she's not that famous). She does have her own webpage though...that has to say something (it's actually pretty fun so make sure to visit it).

Sophie is just in every hot baby store, every baby magazine, on every hot blog and in every baby's mouth. Do you have a Sophie? Oh my gosh Susie loves hers. You should get one. 

I know, I know. I should get one. 

So why has it taken me this long to get it? Well A) Sophie's celebrity status has her priced at nearly $25 and B) Despite how safe it is I still had my reservations about it. I researched Sophie awhile back when I began looking into teethers and determined that she is indeed one of the best non toxic teethers out there for your baby. {FYI: She's made of natural rubber making her free of chemicals and toxins normally found in plastics and painted in food grade paint for safety} However like most things, I did find some not so hot stuff regarding the product that originally had me concerned (nothing major so don't trash her). So in the end I originally decided Sophie wasn't worth the investment. 

Then comes the teething. Oh you darn teething. Once again I heard how amazing this spotted long neck toy is and I said, "okay I'm going to get the darn thing." After spotting it in Natchez on our girl's shopping trip, I decided that it would be my baby's "toy" or souvenir for the weekend. 

She pretty much has loved it since. No it's not always in her mouth and no it's not working miracles just yet -- but she loves it. However a week later - we are in doom. Sophie got wet and her squeaker isn't squeaking correctly. Seriously? I finally dropped the money on this famed Giraffe and she's kicked the bucket already? 

Let's all bow our heads and say a prayer for my Sophie. That's one squeak that I'd love to hear again because it turns out that the famous first Giraffe is actually kind of a keeper. And as it turns out I don't have a money tree in my backyard no matter how hard I a working $25 toy would make me a whole lot happier.

Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes. 

Do you have a Sophie?
Did you know you can get Sophie her own house on her webpage?
I'd love the accessories -- we love accessories in this house!

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Thanks for reading, Sasha

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