Mommy Has a Green Side {Storing Baby Food}

Most of you probably read last week's post about me making baby food for the first time. It is so much fun to do and so flippin' easy! I had such a big squash that I realized I needed more storage solutions. The containers that I had to go along with my Baby Brezza are unfortunately plastic (BPA Free) but I needed more and was in a crunch. My only resort was to run to Wal-Mart and they have limited items there. 

I had my choice between plastic trays and containers and then I had these cute little silicone ones sitting in front of me. From my endeavors into green living, I've already learned that silicone is safer than plastic for the most part. I chose the silicone trays because I assumed from previous research that they are PVC free in addition to being BPA free. They are made by Nuk and are available at Wal-Mart. I love them so far and if I wanted to pop the cubes of food out to store in baggies or for quick thawing, I can tell that they will easily pop out. I also like that the lid snaps on securely to keep the food fresh.

When it comes to storing baby food (any food for that matter) it's very important to think about what you're storing your food in. I'm ALL about glass and plan to invest in a few more glass solutions. I already have some from Innobaby and I love them because it's super safe to heat up in the microwave. I was however in a time crunch and Wal-Mart didn't have glass storage for baby food. Soooo...I made do. If you have your choice between silicone and plastic - go with the silicone. If you must purchase ANY plastic food items (containers, bowls, cups, etc...) always make sure that they are BPA free. 

I have me eye on these from Wean Green...

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