Sunday's Mommy+Baby Favorites

1. Green Sprouts Cool Hand Teether: PVC, BPA, Pthalate Free teether with a fun texture that is supposed to help the first few teeth break through. You can cool in the fridge since it is filled with sterilized water and baby seems to love it since it is easy to hold. Purchase here.

2. Boudreaux's Natural Butt Paste: I can no longer use this since I am now cloth diapering but before I started cloth diapering this stuff worked miracles for us (although truthfully she didn't have bad rashes, it just took care of little ones quickly).

3. Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier: This carrier is available at Babies R Us and I love it. This one is great for quick trips and doesn't take as long to tie up as other wraps. I also love that I can eventually wear it to have baby on my hip or my back. She seems to love it too.

4. Boba Wrap: I simply love this darn thing. I wear Little Bug in it every time we go grocery shopping and she loves it. I love that I can leave my house with it on and then put her in it when we arrive to our destination. That saves a lot of hassle! {Review coming soon}

5. Receiving Blankets: We actually have a total of 12 in addition to all of our blankies but I just love these. They were used SO much in the beginning to keep her warm during the day, cover her in public, cushion her for support in various places and even clean up messes. Now they are great for the car seat still and of course to keep baby cozy.

What's on your must have list?

Happy Sunday, Sasha

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