Mommy Has a Green Side {Linkup}

For this week's linkup I'm just simply sharing something that you all know I am doing by now. CLOTH DIAPERING.

Cloth diapering is so beneficial to our planet. Disposable diapers take years to dispose of in landfills and sometimes nasty chemicals are released from them into our waterways. I won't go into the details to bore you (because I've already done it before), but I'm also debating on cloth wipes because I realize it's better for the environment too.

 I can see how much easier cloth wipes would be. Everyone knows that when you change a diaper you usually tuck the wipe into the diaper and throw it away like that. Well with disposable wipes and cloth diapers you can't do that easy tuck and throw. It's more work to remember to throw the wipe away and then place the diaper in the pail. 

I'll always want to have disposables on hand no matter what, but I can see the benefit and ease of just using cloth wipes. Rather than purchase some, I have a huge stash of receiving blankets we "borrowed" from the hospital that I no longer use. I plan on cutting them into wipes -- if only I could sew a hem around them. Yes that's right, I can't sew to save my life. 

Some adorable cloth diaper pictures are coming soon!

So what have you done to live your life a little more green lately? 
Do YOU want to join me in a fun challenge?

 I was recently contacted to participate in Eco Challenge 2013 where I am able to form a team on my blog to participate in a challenge for two weeks. The challenge I have chosen is to reduce, reuse and recycle. I've wanted to start recycling for awhile now (like since I was little and saw a special on it) and now I'm finally getting the kick to do it. For two weeks you can join me by just simply recycling (reduce and reusing) at your home too. That's it! I'll just email you a few times during those two weeks to see how it is going and run some blog posts on it. The challenge is October 15-30! 

I'd REALLY, really love to have some participation with this! I'm sure there are a few of you who wouldn't mind trying something like recycling for just two weeks. And who knows, you may continue afterwards just for the heck of it. {If you already recycle, please still email if interested}

Read about the challenge here and email me if you're interested in joining my team

Link up into today's linkup and/or email me if you're interested in joining 
my team! 

Steal an image below:

Happy Green Tuesday, Sasha

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