Baby Girl Fall Style Favorites {Carter's}

When it comes to shopping for clothes for my baby girl, the main place that I turn to is Carter's. They have some of the cutest and trendiest items for babies and this fall I'm seriously in love with everything they have. From adorable prints to stylish jeans in fall hues, I'm jonesin for everything and wanting to just

The fall season has always been my favorite time of the year for my own wardrobe because I simply adore boots, scarves, cardigans and leggings. I can already tell that dressing Little Bug during the fall season will likely be my favorite too. What I love about Carter's is that it is affordable and there is always a sale going on. I hate spending a lot of money on her clothes because she outgrows them so fast. I'm saving it all in hopes of another little girl one day, but we all know that nothing is guaranteed (watch me have like five boys now). 

Today I am sharing some of my must haves from Carter's. These are the things that I seriously want to hop into my car right now and go purchase. Thankfully we live only about ten minutes from the Carter's at our local outlet mall and right now there is a huge sale going on! Soooooo who knows where I'll be in oh about an hour.  

For more stylish baby must haves, check out Carter's

Where is your favorite place to buy baby clothes?

Happy Fall Weather Day, Sasha
P.S. It actually feels like fall here in Louisiana --- yay, yay, yay! 
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