The Battle Of the Swaddler

So this week has been an interesting one in our house since Little Bug has decided she doesn't want to sleep as well as she used to. Apparently she is going through Four Month Sleep Regression, but more on that later. 

Since she is now able to roll over I know that you're supposed to stop swaddling them. However after trying to stop the swaddler a couple of times this past weekend, I've decided that she's just not ready. After researching it I learned that many, many moms still swaddle their baby as far up as nine months. 

Now before you freak out on me, I do have precautions for her since she can roll over. First off, she sleeps in a bassinet right next to my head where I hear EVERY. MOVE. SHE. MAKES. I'm not complaining though, I like having her right there. Since she sleeps right in the center of the bassinet, she actually does not have the room to roll over. She can roll to her side and her feet will catch on the side wall and that's as far as she goes. Finally, as most of my readers know I have the Angelcare Monitor with the mattress sensor to detect if she stops breathing. I'd really like to hug that person the invented that thing. How does anyone sleep without it?

I've decided after speaking to several moms that still swaddle babies who are older than mine, that it's up to me to make the call. I believe just as I researched, your baby will let you know when they don't want to be swaddled anymore and mine hasn't fought it yet. It was quite interesting to see her try and sleep without it. Arms were flailing everywhere and she was going side to side and getting so frustrated. 

In the end, mommy knows best and this mommy thinks baby still needs her swaddler. 

We did make this recent purchase yesterday at Babies R' Us and I'm excited about it. You can do arms out or arms in which is great for "breaking" the swaddler eventually to allow for more movement. I can't wait to do a product review on this. I do think it will be great for her legs since she is so long, this may be more comfy. 

Also, not sure how long it lasts but if you spend over
$100 at Babies R' Us you get the option of an umbrella stroller
or a NICE diaper bag for FREE. I took the diaper bag as we 
already have a deluxe umbrella stroller and it was such a nice bag. 
I'm pretty excited about having another one now. 
It's the simple things now...

Do you still swaddle your baby?

Thanks for reading, Sasha