Baby Product Reviews

*This is not a sponsored post and is just simply a post because I love the products

While registering I was constantly reading reviews and searching for facts about products, and the customer satisfaction rating as well as the safety of the product. So I definitely understand the research and OCD-ism that goes into registering and selecting baby items. 

So it's my goal to help others the same way that others have helped me!

Animal Krackers Rinsin' Fun Tub: Absolutely love it! Surprisingly the sling piece doesn't put the 
baby in a funny position, it actually keeps her there perfectly and makes it easier for us to clean
around the umbilical cord since you can not submerge it yet. The green bottle is perfect to fill up and
rinse her off and is somewhat comforting for her since it comes out like a mini shower head. I also
love the easy drain at the bottom -- makes clean up a breeze. Hubby loves using the turtle sprinkler on her. 
I highly recommend this tub.

Koala Baby Pacifier Holder and Changing Station: Love having a pacifier holder. Little Bit just started a 
pacifier and when we had to run to the pediatrician it was the perfect little place to stash her paci and keep it clean. The changing station has been used once and at first seemed a little cool on her body. Not quite
sure if she liked the coolness of it, but I love the practicality of it. Perfect to hook to a stroller sans bag.
It stores wipes and diapers in it which makes it perfect for quick trips!
I highly recommend the pacifier holder and recommend the changing station. 

Halo Sleep Sack: Unfortunately it is entirely too long to fit into the bassinet. I wish it was made
in a shorter version so she could try it out now. I'll have to wait till she moves to her crib. 
Don't plan on using the sleep sacks right away. 
{At four months this thing has been a lifesaver!} 

Angel Care Monitor: I can not explain enough how much I LOVE this product. The nightlight is the 
perfect amount of light for me to see Little Bit in her bassinet and the video screen also helps ease my 
mind if I don't feel like completely turning over to look in the bassinet. Having the sensor pad 
is the only way I am able to sleep. Our first night home it wasn't charged and I did not sleep. 
It even gives a warning beep before the alarm goes off, so I just reach over and rub her belly 
and it picks back up her breathing. I also know it works well, because if you take her out and 
forget to turn it off the alarm goes off. I also love the touch pad on the device -- easy operation!
It's also easy to unhook the sensor pad and use the monitor elsewhere in the house. 
Takes battery or plugs in and doesn't put out any sound until it picks up her sound!
I think every household should have one of these! HIGHLY recommend! 

Snug a Bunny Bouncer: Little Bit loves this! She stares at the birds and has since day one at home. 
She absolutely loves the lullaby music and this is one of her favorite places to nap during the day. 
We rarely use the vibration, but when she starts squirming around she rocks it herself and it helps soothe her. 
I highly recommend this product. 

Comfort and Harmony Portable Swing: I LOVE this item! We have a large swing in the living room
that was from my nephew, but if I was ever in need of a swing I'd probably just purchase the portable one
all over again. It reclines more than a large swing which makes it easier for her to sit in. It folds up
easily which makes it easy to transport (I move it all around) and the swing has many different speeds. 
It does however make her little head fall to the side a bit (looks uncomfy) but that may also just be 
the way I place her. She loves staring at the pieces on top. 
I highly recommend this and so far recommend it over a large swing. 

Carter's Bassinet: Love the timeless look of it and the storage at the bottom. 
We did unhook some of the wheels and create an incline for it so it was inclined. 
Hubby thought she should be inclined since it was that way in the hospital. 
She loves it and sleeps wonderfully in it! It was easy to assemble as well. 
I do however wish there was a mobile on it. 
I highly recommend this bassinet. 

Hope this helps some of you!
I can't wait to share my next review post!
{next time I won't review so many at once so it isn't such a lengthy post! ;)}