What's On Our Changing Table?

*This is not a sponsored post, this is just an informational post on products that we use and love

Honest Co. Diapers: I LOVE them. You can read my review on them here.
I love having my little Baffin Bags bin up there to have the perfect amount of diapers
 on hand. All the rest of them are stored in her closet and I refill as needed.
Order your diapers here! 

Honest Co. Products: I love the hand sanitizer! It takes awhile to get used to the texture
 (it's kinda slimy) but you just use a dab and then it dries quickly. I love the smell
of it and of course the less toxic part of it! The Healing Balm is awesome for diaper rash. We've been 
very lucky on that end with minimal rashes, but a dab of this will quickly heal it. This can be used for 
any skin condition -- dry skin, eczema, diaper rashes, etc... Finally, I have up there the Honest Co.
lotion. This is a favorite of mine too! All natural and safe, so it's fine if she accidentally gets some on her
hands (which ends up in her mouth). It has no perfume or fragrance so it is safe for her sensitive skin on 
her face and even though there is no real scent, I still love it!

Walgreen's Petroleum Jelly: I have to use this right now on her little lady parts after she had
a labial adhesion. I could most definitely use the Honest Healing Balm but I've still been using the jelly
that the doctor said to use. I've used the healing balm a couple of times and I do have reservations
about petroleum jelly, but for now I am using that. 

Boppy Terry Cloth Liners: I found a pack of these at Wal-Mart and bought them to protect my changing
pad cover from Target. There are three in the pack and I LOVE these. These are a must have.
The front side is terry cloth to soak up any leakage or spur of the moment tinkles, and the back 
side is vinyl to keep it from leaking through and reaching your changing pad cover. 
This has saved my changing pad cover a whole heck of a lot! Stains come out easy too!

Munchkin Wipe Warmer: I read one day on The Bump.com that wipe warmers aren't necessary. 
I know they are not necessary, but I love them. When I need to wipe her down (arms, legs, face)
I much prefer a warm wipe and I'm pretty dang sure she does too.

And of course, I have Honest Co. Wipes in there too. These are wonderful. No pesky
perfume scent to irritate her face, non toxic so it's safe for her hands and the texture is 
a cross between Pampers and Huggies. I love the texture (thickness) of it. 
However, they don't work well in the warmer. They don't pull out the way they are supposed to, 
so I just open the warmer and pull them out one by one as needed. It's another step, but oh well.

The Land of Nod Lamp: I really just wanted a lamp for "aesthetic" purposes, but this is 
definitely the most used thing in her nursery aside from the actual changing pad and dresser.
I use this during the day along with the natural light from her windows and love the dim 
look we get in her room. The lamp is all I use at night when I change her after feedings. 
It's in the perfect spot so I can see everything, but I don't have to use her bedroom light 
and make things too bright at 3 am. It helps keep that night time vibe in her room without waking
her too much. No one wants to wake their baby up even more at 3 am! 

What's on your changing table?
Later this week, I'll show you what's in her "junk" drawer where I store 
medicines, brushes and more. 

Thanks for reading, Sasha