Foto Friday {Hosting My First Linkup}

Little Bug's first trip to the park for a picnic with Gigi and her cousin // 
An evening of giggles and kisses from Daddy

Hubby is off for three days and we are going to soak up every second of it. 
This face is the prettiest face I've ever seen. I can't get over how beautiful our baby is. 
She lights up and giggles when she sees her daddy. I love it. Makes my heart melt every time. 
And those sweet lips? I could just kiss them all day. And her scent?
I so badly want to bottle up her scent so I'll never forget it. 
I don't want to ever forget this face or these moments. That's why I capture them. 
But I hope they'll always be imprinted in my memory just as they are in my heart. 

Happy Friday, Sasha

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