Those Little Moments of Happiness

Last weekend Little Bug, hubby and I got all dressed up to attend my lifelong best friend's wedding down in New Orleans. It was her first time to get all dolled up to go somewhere and it was her first time to take a long drive and visit the city (we live about an hour away). She was very good the whole time and I was so happy to show her off. 

While ironing her dress, I was overjoyed at the reality of it all. It became even more real that I have a daughter now. I know that sounds odd, but the reality of ironing her little Chevron dress really excited me and made me think about all of the future dresses that I'll have to iron and all of the future dresses that I'll be purchasing. I look so forward to all of the mother-daughter moments that I know we'll share just as I have shared with my mother. Those memories and moments are treasures to me and now I have a whole new beginning of creating those same sort of memories.

  I was made to have this little girl and she was meant to be ours. 

Life surely has changed now. Getting dressed to go somewhere means that I also have to get her dressed, decide on a bow and pack the diaper bag. It means I need to try and pump a bottle out in a rush if I don't want to "whip a milk bag" out in public. And it definitely means that trying to leave the house for a certain time is practically impossible. 

I wouldn't trade a second of this new found joy for anything. I'll always enjoy ironing her little dresses and helping her choose bows and hairstyles. This little girl has stolen my heart in every way possible and I'm so in love with her. Being a mommy has been the greatest journey so far...and it's still just the beginning.

Oh, and she was beautiful. 

What's the little joys that make you happy
about being a mommy?

I'm off to pick a bow out for today, Sasha