No Milk to Go With My Cookies

Grocery shopping has never been a fun task for me. Somehow I always end up stressed out while grocery shopping either because the amount of people annoy me or I hate how much I spend when I have so little in the cart. Having to go dairy free and now soy free as well, I decided to head off to Whole Foods to see what all I could find that I could actually eat. 

In case you didn't know it, milk and soy are in just about every flipping food out there. Seriously. It's so annoying to start cooking something like pork chops and gravy only to realize that the gravy has both milk and soy in it. Or how about sitting there crunching on some chips only to check the label out and learn it has milk in it. Why. Why. Why?

When I first walked into Whole Foods I was immediately overwhelmed -- it's such a BIG store. At first glance I saw tons of fruits and veggies and lots of gorgeous fresh flowers. As I started making my way around the store I realized that although I was overwhelmed and lost like a little puppy, I also felt like I fit in. There's that wonderful healthy-hippie-mother nature vibe going on and I love it. As much as I loved it though, I was still so lost.

Finally I pulled out my list of foods that were discussed in my Facebook support group that I could eat (lifesaver) and went off to find those items. I also used an app, Shopwell, that allows you to put in your food allergies and then will tell you if something is good for you or not just by simply scanning the item's barcode with your phone. This item saved me and was very helpful (something else I learned from my group). I highly recommend this app; it also caters to certain diets as well and tells you all about the items you can eat and even where you can purchase them. 

After learning where things were located in the store and after seeing how many awesome, healthy items they have there, I quickly became lost in reading labels and adoring things. There is still so much that I didn't see or look at enough so I am anxiously awaiting my next trip there (like TONS of natural skin care products). Unfortunately it's about a 35 minute drive to get there though.
I had another bag, but I love how they pack your groceries down to where you don't have 50 plastic bags!
I purchased several food items that are basically replacements for those yummy things that I can't eat such as chocolate chip cookies, yogurt, chocolate milk and cheese. In addition to all of these things I pretty much did the rest of my grocery shopping there once I realized that the prices aren't that much higher (on most things, not all). Most prices are like shopping at your family grocery rather than shopping at a Wal-Mart so I didn't mind the extra buck or too for a healthier item. I did not check the meat out though (I'm thinking that's where it's pricier).

These are awesome! They taste good and
are free of all of the 8 main allergens!
So far the only item that I have tried is the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip cookies that are free of the common eight allergens. I opened the box on the way home since I was starving and had a good little drive to go. To be honest I was really hesitant about the cookies; I kept assuming they'd be awful. Finally, I took a tiny bite and realized that they were actually very good and better than most cheap brand cookies. Amen. 

So at the end of the day, the trip was successful in replacing those items that I can't eat -- although I can't tell you yet if those items are yummy. It was frustrating at times and at times I was ready to cry (mainly cause I felt so lost) but I still know that what I'm doing is right for my Little Bug (and although it's a tad pricier in ways, I think I'm a new Whole Foods addict). I'm so thankful to the support group that I've become a part of on Facebook as they have truly helped me!

So I can't have milk...but at least I have cookies! 

Are you a fan of organic foods?
Do you grocery shop regularly at Whole Foods?
{I'll do a product review post soon on the products I purchased}
xoxo, Sasha