Little Bug: Two Months

Dear Little Bit, 
I can't believe how much you're growing and how fast it is happening. 
Each time you move up in diaper size or clothing size I think I may shed a little tear.
I love seeing you grow but I don't won't to forget these moments. 
Seeing you smile now and hearing you coo and "talk" melts my heart so much. 
I just want to bottle those moments up to last forever. 
You've definitely found your personality and you're very cutesy, silly and so loving. 
Being your mommy is the absolute best thing. I can't believe this adorable 
little girl is my daughter. I love the way you love me and you have NO idea how much we love you.

Weight: 10lbs 15 oz. 
Length: 23.25 inches! You're SO long. 
Clothing Size: Barely NB, but mostly 0-3 and 3 months
Diaper Size: 1

Loves: Being up on mommy's shoulder to nap and even sometimes just to chill out up there. 
You still love to hear your daddy's voice and I thinking you're loving having him home these last two weeks. You also love your bouncy chair now! Not so much to sleep in anymore as before, but you love to sit
there and stare at your birds on top. You've learned that if you kick your feet they'll move around. 
Sometimes you entertain yourself that way for a while and you're laughing and smiling while doing so!
You still LOVE bath time! And you love laying in bed with mommy and daddy in the morning. :)
You love mommy and daddy! 

What You're Up to: You started rolling to your side while playing on your floor mat. 
You kick your feet when you're excited and you smile and coo a lot now!
You also hold your head up pretty good, but not all the way yet.
And you love to hold your noopie in your mouth. 

Likes: You definitely like laying in your crib to stare at your mobile and you're also enjoying your
jungle gym play mat much more now. I can tell you can see the toys and lights much better now. 
I catch you smiling at it and kicking your feet in excitement! 

Dislikes: Mommy got you a new car seat and you prefer that one much more now. Car trips don't start off
quite as bad, although you're not a fan of when the car actually stops. At first you really didn't like tummy
time on the mat, but you're starting to like it much more. 

Food & Diapers: You're still on mommy's milk and mommy is thrilled! Mommy nurses you all day
and maybe one time a day in the evenings daddy will give a bottle. But we're finding sometimes that you 
much prefer the "real" deal. You eat on average about 7-8 times a day!
You're still in Pampers diapers and you still go through so many. 
Mommy's milk has you dirtying up those diapers! 

Crying: Mommy has learned your sleepy cry!
 I have pretty much figured out your routine and I know when you're ready for your nap. 
You have a distinct cry for that and if you're up on my shoulder and you're sleepy,
you'll move your head around a lot and kick your booty up in the air --
 almost like you're mad you're still awake.

Schedule: On average we go anywhere from 2-3 hours between feedings.
 At night you do amazing. We begin our bed routine anywhere between 8-9 where mommy bathes you, 
lotions you up and puts on your pjs. Then mommy nurses you and rocks you for a little while 
before putting you down to sleep. We dim the house during all of this to help you realize it's time for bed. 
You're now averaging anywhere between 6-8 hours from your last feeding to the night feeding. 
Mommy wakes up once to feed you and then we make it until morning time. :) Woohoo!!!!!

Postpartum: Mommy got the clear at her six week checkup and is now hoping to start "working out"
a little during your naps. Mommy has about six pounds left and can wear SOME old shorts, but that's 
not to say they're not a little too snug!

Outings/Experiences: You have attended some family events over the last month and had your first 
experience swimming. You seemed to like it for the most part, but I don't think you liked the sunlight. 
You also had your first eating out experiences: Hooters (two times, LOL) // iHop // and Cajun Village.
Daddy has had two weeks off so we've been busy having lots of family time! 
You seen daddy flying in his airplane at night as he flew over our house. 
I'm pretty sure you seen him because he was low and there was lots of lights and you were
looking straight at him! You also got your first LA TECH clothes! And you wore your first pair of shoes.
Oh and you attended your first Pampered Chef party with Mommy. 

Can't wait to see what's new next month. We love you to the moon and back and 
mommy and daddy think you're absolutely gorgeous. We tell you just about every hour!
We're so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives. 

Love, Mommy