My Nursing Essentials

Medela Lanolin: Even though I really don't use it that much anymore, I loved it in the beginning.
Medela Quick Steam Bags: I love using these to sterilize everything. Quick and Easy!
It really beats using a bottle sterilizer and you get 20 uses per bag!

Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Pump and Accessories: I LOVE my pump so far.
I've never used any other brand and I've heard of people not liking this pump, 
but I have had a great experience so far. I use the bottles a ton and I even mix in the Medela 
milk storage bottles which I love too. So happy that they both fit this pump. I do wish the pump was 
in a bag similar to the Medela pump, it'd be much easier to just walk around and pump.
Ameda Hand Pump: I received this in the hospital and I just hook my pieces to it and pump quickly.
I've used it a lot in the car and it's great to keep in the diaper bag. 

Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags: They are the only ones that I've tried 
(other than some Ameda ones) but I'm so pleased with them, that I haven't tried any others. 
Pumping Bustier: I don't have this particular one, I have the Medela one available at Wal-Mart and
it's not that comfy (perhaps I need a Large) but it's so nice to pump hands-free and play on the computer!
Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads: I'm using reusable ones now, but I still keep a stash
of disposable ones and after trying the NUK and Medela ones, I've picked a favorite -- Lansinoh!
These don't get all frumpy under my clothes and they absorb and keep me dry. 

Motherhood Maternity Nursing Tank: I have two of these and three from Wal-Mart and I love them.
I lived the first three weeks in nursing tanks and very frequently still, I wake up and just stay in them.
I usually sleep in them every night sans bra (there's an inside bra shelf) and I just slip my pads in. 
Makes sleeping much more comfortable for me and nursing super easy. 
I've even worn them in public with a cardigan for quick nursing. 
NUK Reusable Nursing Pads: I LOVE these now that I've tried them --- 
I love that it's more eco-friendly and not such a constant waste. 
Comfort and Harmony Nursing Pillow: I love this pillow so much. It conforms perfectly to me and it's
so comfy. I love to use it myself. It also has a vibrating insert that's great for my back, LOL. 
Little Bug knows that pillow usually means it is dinner time! 
Destination Maternity Nursing Bra: Although this one was pricey ($45) I LOVE it. It has so much 
support and lift and it's so much better than nursing bras that are the cup style. I hate those. 
It has padding in it so I'm not all droopy and flat and it increases two cups sizes and two width sizes
to work with fluctuating breast size. I'm ready to invest in another one because I love it so much more
in comparison to the Wal-Mart and Target bras I have. 

I think that is it for my nursing essentials!
What's some of your favorite products?
Tata (pun intended), Sasha