Life As A Nursing Mom {Part 1}

Growing up I can't ever remember a moment where I was exposed to breastfeeding. I slightly remember what I think may have been a lady breastfeeding her baby during a church service, but to be honest I'm not even sure if that's what she was doing. Even in the past few years there is not a single moment that I can remember where I said "hey I want to breastfeed." I suppose I just always knew that I would.

After becoming pregnant I was frequently asked if I intended on breastfeeding. I always replied that I was going to try and I usually then heard where someone either didn't produce enough milk or had a ton of problems and it just didn't work out. I was so scared to buy a pump before I had my baby because all of these troublesome stories had me worried that I'd waste money on something that I wouldn't need. I was scared that I'd be one to face the heartbreak of being unable to breastfeed or unable to produce enough milk.

Well, thank the good Lord...I needed it.

Right after Little Bug was born I immediately nursed her. I didn't want to have visitors prior to nursing her because I wanted to instantly have that bond with her. We then successfully nursed every 2-2.5 hours our whole entire stay at the hospital. Several lactation nurses complimented our nursing chart and said we were both "naturals." Hearing that was so comforting for me since I had continually prayed that I'd be able to produce enough milk to nurse my baby. She always latched on great with exception to occasional difficulty with one inverted nipple. I did wear the nipple shields in the beginning to help a little, but after coming home I never wore them again really. I used Lanolin like no one's business and I always did the football hold or the cross cradle hole (football hold worked well for the inverted nipple side). I'll say that nursing in a hospital bed is much more fun with the incline on the bed and ton of pillows. It was quite comfy!

On our day of discharge my milk had officially come in and as one nurse said, "Girl you have milk coming in from everywhere." Once again I was overjoyed with my supply but I was actually on the verge of engorgement. I was quite proud of my plump, perky tatas full of nourishment for my child. Who needs implants? Just get knocked up and produce some milk! ;) We purchased our fancy, dancy pump from the hospital and made our way home to begin life with our baby and for me personally, a life with my boobs always hanging out. 

Part two will be posted later. 
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Tata, The Mushy Mom