Friday's Letters: Goodbye Dairy

{Normally this is a link up on The Sweet Season Blog, but today it isn't up, so I just posted anyway}

Dear Little Bug, We've had a rough couple of weeks with doctor visits and bad stools in your diaper. Mommy has learned that you more than likely have a milk protein allergy (so far that's what it looks like) and mommy has to cut all dairy out of her diet in order to continue breastfeeding you. Mommy sure does love cheese and ice cream and she drinks milk like water, BUT she's not ready to end our breastfeeding journey. The bond that we share is our special bond and it's our special time. Mommy loves knowing that she can nourish you with her milk that's made especially for you, so mommy is gladly nixing the dairy. Mommy loves you!!! Thank you for all of my cuddles and kisses this morning. Dear Dairy, You've been so good to me these past twenty something years. I know we'll meet again, but until then... Dear Hubby, Only a few more days until we celebrate our third wedding anniversary. I love you more each day and seeing you become a daddy will always be one of my most cherished memories. Bug and I really enjoyed your two weeks off and we really miss you now that you're back at work. Dear Time, You're moving at a pretty good pace for me. Just don't speed up any. Dear Honest Co., Fed Ex says you're on your way to deliver my first diaper bundle today. I'd really appreciate it if you drop by within the next oh hour or so. I'm down to four diapers and she's not holding back any today. Dear Barney, Thanks for entertaining my Bug today. I'm not sure if she could really see you, but she sure was smiling and kicking her legs at you. 

Dear Readers, Thanks for being so awesome. Hearing your comments and seeing new followers makes
my day. Sometimes it is hard to find time to blog, but I always try to make it happen for you guys!

Happy Weekend, Sasha