My Home Wishes

 I yearn for the day that I can have a cool book display in my home. 
Whether it is a library room or a display wall in the living room, I want something like this. 
How cool is the secret passage bookcase? Every little girl needs a secret passage. 

Hubby and I both want a white kitchen and I can't decide if I like strictly modern
or modern with vintage. I like to toss things up a bit with styles, so I thought this kitchen was great!
And this glass shower ---  OH MY --- my hubby would die over this. 
He loves awesome showers and hopes to have something like this one day. 

I see a lot of children and babies have areas like this in their room. 
I'd love an area like this for my little bug's room!

Seriously. How adorable is this little girl's room? Although I'm kind of concerned 
about the safety of that ladder, this room is amazing. Every little girl would love to have this. be a kid again. So happy I can be a kid again through my daughter. 
I can't wait for days of playing tea parties, Barbie's and "house."

And for our Fabulous Followers Giveaway Winner...
Congrats to Emily Mullen!!! 
You won our giveaway and I'll be contacting 
you soon! Thanks so much to all who entered. 
We love our readers!!! 

What's something you dream about in your home?

Love, Sasha