Being at Home is My Favorite Place

My whole life I have been somewhat of a homebody. As a child I frequently would "fib" to friends that I was punished from playing with anyone or from playing outside because I loved to play in my room by myself so much. I loved being at home with my family and on days where I really was punished from friends and outside, I didn't mind too much. Now I just sound like some weird loser who doesn't like people, I promise I really do and no I'm not a vampire who doesn't like to go outside. I love that too. 

I've always found comfort in being "home." Even as a college student living four hours away, my visits home for the weekend were most relaxing and fun for me when I could just sit at home with my family instead of hitting all the bars and whatnot with friends to catch up (although I did do that too of course). I suppose I just don't need a lot of hoopla in my life...

The hoopla in my life is now gladly spent at home every day with my precious baby. We have a routine and quite frankly, I think she's a homebody like me. I love being home all day with her and the little bit of errands we sometimes run or family dinners at grandparents, is enough of a change of scenery for us. I suppose I haven't reached that point where I need a break from my baby and quite frankly I'm not sure if I ever will. Of course the few dinners hubby and I have gone on are nice because it's a way to keep things about "us" but I always love the dinners out where we bring Little Bug as well. 

I'm definitely a huge promoter of making time for you and your partner or spouse as you don't want to lose yourselves or your relationship just because you have a baby; but I'm lucky that my husband is on the same page as me. He's very fond of the idea that Little Bug is always in our care with the exceptional hour here and there. I think he finds comfort in knowing that his daughter is at home in her environment with her mother. He's not fond of the idea of leaving her with anyone "just because" and either am I. 

There's nothing I love more than our everyday routine. Our everyday snuggles and our everyday discoveries of new toys, flying birds on top of bouncy seats and discovering toes that belong to baby are all the hoopla I need in my life right now. Staying late in pajamas and working together to complete housework (thanks Boba wrap) is the little things I love. Nursing sessions take up a lot of the day but I treasure them (especially now) as well as entertaining a baby who is currently discovering new things and I couldn't ask for more. 

Being a mommy has been the best job I've ever had, and it is just beginning. I have all the hoopla I need in my life right now and I'm so grateful for it all.

Anyone can relate?
Thanks for reading, Sasha