A Stache of His Own

An easy add on to Husband's anniversary present. 
The idea was inspired from a Pinterest Pin for a similar Father's Day idea. 
This "sweet" gift was great for my husband since right now I can't eat dairy 
-- which means no milk chocolate -- boo!
He really loved it and once I can eat chocolate again, I think this is a great fix
to keep us from arguing over the chocolate candy bowl.
To each their own.

By the way, did I mention hubby spoiled me with a mini iPad. 
Can you say addicted? I plead guilty on that one. 
Our third anniversary was full of sweetness and a dinner for just us!
Love that man!

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Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos.