Happy Father's Day -- Dear Baby,

Dear Baby Girl,

      You're only five weeks old, but I already know you love your daddy. You love his voice and you look for him when you hear him. Sometimes I swear you already understand the word "daddy" when I talk about him during the day. Your daddy works hard for us -- right now he works twelve hour days, seven days a week. I know it is hard for him because he has to be away from us, but as soon as he walks through the door he takes you in his arms and lays you on his chest. You usually stay there until Mommy bathes you for the night. I know he cherishes that special time you get.
          He is such a natural at being a daddy. He sure was freaked out about finding out that you were a little girl, but I don't think he'd have it any other way now. You're his little "sugar butt" and I know you're already the apple of his eye. He's such a pro at this daddy thing -- although he still tries to avoid diaper changes. He's even good at handling your fussy days; he manages to stay so calm. Seeing him with you melts my heart.
          I know you'll be daddy's girl. You'll have him wrapped around your finger and you'll be his Princess. One day when you're older, you'll really see how amazing he is. He's an amazing man and you're so blessed to have him as a daddy. I'm so blessed to be his wife. He's going to teach you many things and he's going to make you laugh. You're going to see just how well he treats mommy and how much he loves us. You're going to appreciate him so much because he works so hard for us. You're going to love him unconditionally just as he loves you unconditionally.
        I hope when you're older and you start searching for your Prince Charming, that you do like I did and find a man that's going to treat you like your daddy treats your mommy. A man that will love you like your daddy does. A man of wisdom, strength, humor, courage and love. A man that will be your rock for life. But just remember, that a girl's first love is her daddy. And no matter how old you are, you'll always be daddy's girl.
      Your daddy is amazing Little Bug. And I can't wait for you to discover that. So daddy truly deserves a Happy Father's Day.

      Happy Father's Day to the most amazing man ever and the only person I'd ever want to have father my children. I love you to the moon and back and can't imagine life without you. Thank you for giving me the most precious gift ever. Love you!