A Photo Tuesday

 Father's Day -- I love how she's looking at her daddy! Love these two so much! 

Daddy's Girl

 Our Family. Love this photo so much.

Her first swim...for the most part I think she really liked it! It was just too bright and eventually
she became kinda fussy. I can't wait to get her a cute little infant swim raft. 

My first personalized Honest Bundle came in and I can't wait to use
and review these items. I've already personalized my July Bundle with different
items and I can't wait to get that one! This bundle includes:
Toilet Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaner
Multi Surface Cleaner
Hand Sanitizer
Hair Conditioning Mist
Baby Wipes
Fruit and Veggie Wash
Dish Soap
{All of this for just $45 dollars!}

On the way is my FREE trial of:
Shampoo & Body Wash
Hand Soap
Healing Balm
Laundry Detergent 

Be on the lookout for my reviews on these items! I am so excited to try the wipes and 
the Fruit and Veggie Wash! I can already say that the hand sanitizer smells great!

Don't forget to enter my 
It's one of my biggest giveaways yet!

xoxo, The Mushy Mommy


Sasha Savoy

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