To Circumcise or Not

I recently came across a comment that I did not see until today, where a reader asked if I would circumcise my baby boy. The reader was hoping I'd do a post on it and I apologize that I just saw the comment and I'm just now getting around to posting about it. 

I would choose to circumcise my baby boy only because in my mind that seems more of "the norm." I wouldn't want him to grow up feeling different and I especially wouldn't want him to decide to later do that in life and endure that pain. I've sat in my doctor's waiting room and on multiple occasions was just a door away from them circumcising a little newborn boy. It was done at the office because for some reason they were unable to do so at birth, so the baby would be just a couple days old. And let me just say that the baby hardly cried. As a mother I'd walk away while they did something like that, but I'd feel like that was best for my baby. 

I've also heard of older men, like I'm talking old, have to get circumcised for certain medical procedures and surgeries. I can't imagine what an older man most think of the morning he wakes up and has to go to that appointment. No thank you! 

So yes, I'd choose that. And I know that even if I didn't, my husband would definitely request it. 
{This is my response before doing any research on pros and cons}

Now let's all grab a bag of frozen peas 
and place it down there, because I'm tingling
just thinking about it. And I'm not even a dude.