Recipe: The "O" Dip

A few years ago I was introduced to this dip and I haven't found anything that even 
comes close to comparing to do the deliciousness that it has. Does that even make sense?
Seriously, nothing compares. 
Our family goes nuts over this and calls it the "crack dip" because it is SO addicting. 
I call it the "O" dip because well, ya know, some things are just that good. 
It's quick and easy and is a huge hit for any party or get together. 
Serve with graham crackers and apples and you have a very tasty treat. 
Words just can't really explain it. 
I live for the leftovers and sit on the sofa with the big ole' platter of leftovers and indulge.

{It is best to do the cream cheese layer ahead of time and leave in the fridge overnight, 
this makes spreading the caramel much easier the next morning. 
Even just a few hours in the fridge will work!}
{Use a regular container of caramel that is made for apples, not ice cream}

I promise this is something that you will
want to try. I do not claim to be any Betty Crocker
and I definitely do not claim this recipe as my great invention
...but dang it's good and it's a hit!
Have you ever seen anything like it?