Ready to Review Baby Products!

When I was registering for my baby shower, I probably did more research than a college student completing a midterm. Our registry was done completely at Babies R' Us and although some people have complaints about their service and lack of stocked shelves, I have actually had an amazing experience with them. With places like Wal-Mart and Target, I was too afraid of an ever changing inventory or lack of items on the shelves, and I didn't want to do online registries because I didn't really think my extended family members would be too keen on ordering from online. 

So with a Babies R' Us about 20 minutes down the road, it seemed to be the perfect place. I've been there more times than I can count; whether it was researching products, checking inventory or seeing something in person, I wanted to make things perfect. I highly recommend registering in the store as your experience will be much better and you can actually see what items are sold in stores (you're more likely to get those). I used the online system only after doing my full registry -- I'd edit and add things here and there from online. 

Something I loved about their website is that moms actually post comment reviews on products. I've never seen so many reviews on baby items (one bathtub had over 300 reviews). These reviews were SO helpful to me and even led me to change a couple of items here and there. In addition, some items even have a video that explains in detail about the functions of the product! Handy, dandy. 

So it is my hope to continue to help other mothers with the search for baby products throughout the first year with Little Bit. I've already put together my first board of some items that I am ready to use and can't wait to share the reviews with you once she arrives! 

{these are all items that should get used in the first month}

Anyone have experience with any of these?