Friday's Letters to a cute Easter Egg

Dear Easter, Thanks for being a beautiful day. Although now I have way too much chocolate
that I can't control myself around. Cadbury Eggs are by far the best thing ever. Always.
Dear Little Bit, You received your first Easter present from Gigi this year. She got you 
a precious "cupcake" set of little outfits. I can't wait to fill your Easter basket next year.
Although I'm thinking that as you get older I may steal your Cadbury Eggs. ;)
{Daddy will steal your Reese's Eggs. So keep an eye on him.}
Dear Daddy to Be, I hope you're ready. Six weeks will be here before you know it. 
And who knows, she may not wait until then either. 
That reminds me, that bassinet still needs to be put together mister. 

Dear Maternity Pants, You can make it another six weeks right?
What's the point of buying more when there is hardly any time left!
Dear Milk Makers, I'm really hoping you're going to do your job. I mean really, 
 I need you guys to keep producing and shucking that milk out so Little Bit is set for a year at least. 
Dear Newborn Clothes, I have this fear that Little Bit won't get to wear all of you cute little suckers. 
Let's accommodate her please so she can fit you into her daily wardrobe. 
It really boggles me that we take off tags and wash clothes for a baby we have NO clue of their size. 

Dear Six Weeks, I'm ready for you to pass by. I've got a baby to deliver.


More Easter pics :)

Happy Friday!