To My Awesome Readers

Before I run out of the house to take care of some errands, I just had to do a quick post.
Unfortunately I have a lot of spam comments coming in that are just downright vulgar and ridiculous.
I can post "Happy Easter" and they can comment, "Great points on your topic."
What topic was that spammer? If you're gonna spam at least make sense when you do.

So, I bit the bullet and enabled comment verification.
I know, I know.  

It's kind of a pain.

I also wanted to let you know that for some reason a lot of other "real" comments have been going to my spam box.
Makes me sad.
I love reading comments right away as I receive them and then replying to the person.
Well, with them sitting in spam I haven't been on top of my game because I just found them.
So I apologize for my lack of response.
But it was nice to see such fun comments today. 

Hopefully I have it all under control now and will monitor my spam a little better so I can ensure that we all keep in touch.
Every comment you leave always puts a smile on my face.
I LOVE the feedback, help and general comments from you all.
You always know how to answer my questions.

You all rock my socks.

xoxo, Sasha

Sasha Savoy2 Comments