Men Poke Us and We Get Poked

As I sat there waiting for my blood to be drawn for like the third time during my gestational diabetes test, I realized men really do have it easy. Of course I've made this statement before and I knew it was true, but on that day it really rang true when I realized that was one of the many needles I've seen so far in the pregnancy. Has he seen any needles? Nope.

In fact I even made the comment to my mom, "Men just get to poke us the fun way and then we get poked the crappy way after." He did his part; and in my opinion his part was easy and of course fun. Now he just sits back and waits for his beautiful little girl to come hurling out of my hoo-hah.

Men may be stronger in terms of usually having more body strength to do things like open the pickle jar or take a giant box down with only one hand; but we really are the strong ones. Women are the powerful ones. We do the one thing men can't - we give birth. Does a man ever really consider the fact that not only does a woman have to go through the experience of childbirth but she also has to get poked and prodded along the way for nine months? Do they really realize how much our tatas really hurt as they change and do they have any idea how hard it is to put on shoes in the morning with a basketball sitting under your shirt? I don't think they do.

Pregnancy is about so much more than just a little pain at childbirth -- it's about a whole lot of "Don't come near me with that needle" and "That orange drink they made me chug down had my belly really to explode." And let's not forget the "Is it okay to eat two hotdogs or should I just eat one?" Or "Darn, I peed my pants again." 

Men really just don't know. They're not quite as cool as us--they don't get to grow a baby. Therefore, I declare women the superior sex. I think we all knew that, but seriously...we really are.

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Tell your guy, women ROCK.