I Don't Want to Drive My Baby

Dear Little Bit,

I never want to drive you in my car.
I know that sounds bad, right?
But after seeing someone spin their own car out of control to avoid hitting me,
I know longer really want to drive you around.
I don't usually cry over things like that,
I just think "Whew that wouldn't have been good."
But now it is different.
After seeing a speeding car almost plow into my stopped car,
with my big pregnant belly,
it really changes things.
The floodgates opened and the tears ran out the whole drive home.

I've decided that until you're like twelve years old,
I'm just going to stay home. We're not going anywhere.
I'll home school you to avoid having you ride the big yellow cheese wagon.
And I'll teach you to dance at home rather than at dance class.
Because that's how much I don't like the thought of driving you around.
It's a scary road out there.

I wonder how well those "Baby on Board" signs will work on our car.
How awesome is that car seat we have? Who knows. 
And mommy can drive slow as molasses, but there are still other coo coo birds out there.

Maybe we'll fly.
There has to be somewhere that we can purchase some jet packs.
Because that's how much I don't like the thought of driving you around.

But then again, I know once you arrive...
I'll be anxious to bring you home. To your little nest.
And of course, we'll have to drive.

Interesting article on these signs, but I'm still using mine! via

Did you have a fear of driving 
your baby around?