Friday's Letters {And Some Belly}

Dear Little Bit, I am currently washing a bunch of your clothes. Each time I come to fold them I relish in the thought of dressing you in all of these precious outfits. I can't wait to hold you in my arms. Everyone keeps saying it will be here soon, well it needs to get here. Dear Time, You can move a little fast for the next few weeks. I don't mind. Dear Scale, Please don't creep up too much on me over the next several weeks. I'd like for you to slow down. Dear Baby Daddy, There are some baby things that you need to assemble. According to everyone, she'll be here before you know it! Dear Mother Nature, Thank you for a gorgeous weekend last weekend when we took our maternity photos! The weather was perfect. I can't wait to get some canvas prints around the house of some of these beauties! I love the belly...being
pregnant is truly the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced.


What are your weekend plans?
Happy Friday!