Waiting Desperately for Breakfast

Today is the day that I go to take my gestational diabetes test.
Oh, how I've dreaded this day.
I've dreaded it because not only am I nervous about the results, but I'm scared I won't complete it.
You see, this mama still gets morning sickness and it is the worst when I eat a late breakfast.

As I sit here and type this at 6 am, I still have until 9:30 before I can eat something.
Best part? I had to fast 12 hours before the test meaning that I haven't eaten since 7:30 (okay I snuck something at 8:00).

Really. Who in their right mind decided that this was okay for pregnant women?
Don't they understand we need food.
I'm eating for two now, and I can tell you that number one is freaking starving.
And number two is probably wondering what the heck is going on.
Although now that I think about it, I think she's number one now. :)

Wish me luck. Luck that I pass. Luck that I don't upchuck the drink they give me.
And luck that as soon as I leave the doctor I can find a heaping pile of pancakes, bacon and hash browns.

I'm not quite sure if I've ever looked forward to food so much in all my life.

How many of you had to do a two hour test
with your blood drawn three times?
Everyone else I know had a simple version first.