Happy Sunday!

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! I have a long day of working at the dance studio today, so I thought I'd leave you with a beautiful image of my belly and my sister in law's belly. Our little cousins are only going to be about six weeks apart and they are both GIRLS! That's a lot of pink; a lot of ruffles and a whole lot of bows. 

I can't wait! This has been such a wonderful journey with her. It's great to have someone to ask questions to, so between her and several friends pregnant, I had a lot of great resources. I can't wait to see our little girls grow up together. 

Did you experience pregnancy with 
someone close to you?

Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos.