The Decision to Breastfeed

Women were given a sole purpose in life: to have children and nurture them. It may not be our only purpose in life now, but the fact is that we were given a pretty grand job. Not only do we help create life with our partner, but we're the lucky ones that get to carry it; protect it; nourish it; and nurture it. We may not all do it nature's way and may require (and in some cases request) technological advances such as c-sections and epidurals, but in the end we still follow through with the grand finale of labor and delivery. 

The nursing cover I received from
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Along with being such talented woman who can "grow a child," we also have the ability to nurture that child. Up until I became pregnant I just assumed that most women breast fed or tried to breastfeed to provide their children the best milk. I never really considered the thought that some women don't like the idea of their child in that region (that's daddy's play space) and some women can't wrap their head around the thought of exposing themselves in that way rather in the hospital or in the bedroom at home. It never occurred to me that this was actually the case for some women. 

I've heard the comments about how some women would never want their baby that close to their milk makers and I've even heard that breastfeeding a boy is a little creepy compared to the girl. Obviously it is the mother's decision on what she is most comfortable with and I would never judge someone who chose to not breastfeed; but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm hoping and praying I can. 

In fact my husband thinks that I want to try it for too long (my goal is a year on my milk) but as I've explained to him, I'm not really planning on having the baby on the breast for a whole year. After a certain time period I hope I can pump and freeze to create a stash for the baby and to allow my husband more opportunities to feed her. Pumping shouldn't be to invasive for women, but still some go straight for the formula. After all my research I know that breast milk really is the best milk. It was an easy decision for me and I sure hope that my baby and body cooperate. 

Guess we'll see what the milk makers actually do soon. I'm fully aware that sometimes it just doesn't happen for some women, and they experience the sadness that I know I'll feel if it happens to me. At least we do have backup plans now to nurture our kids! 

Tomorrow is a great guest post from Stacey at Crazy Life With Kids where she shares her various breastfeeding experiences! 
I can't wait to share it. 

Did you choose to breastfeed?