The Battle of the Breast and the Pump

While registering I went down that dreadful aisle full of breast pumps; pads for your tatas when they leak; and nipple cream for when they hurt. The joys of being a woman, eh? Men surely get away with things easily. 

Actually I'm not dreading it at all. Women were made to do this and I am desperately hoping that I can breast feed for several months without some of the common complications such as inverted nipples or lack of milk. I know it can happen but I suppose part of me will feel slightly inadequate if I'm not able to breast feed. I also think it is something that women give up to easily after trying for a short period and I do think it is odd that some women don't like the thought of it--but hey--to each their own. I was a bit overwhelmed though with the idea of the breast pump because quite frankly I don't know if I'll need it. How do you know whether or not you'll need something like that? It's an expensive item that you hate to purchase and never use. 

Perhaps I can breast feed for six months or perhaps even just three. When does pumping become a part of things? Do I need a pump? I'm left stumped over the question if whether or not I'll need one if I intend on doing breast feeding the "breast" way the whole time. I'm really stumped how you you know when you need a pump. Is it for the sake of the daddy being able to bottle feed the breast milk? I can totally understand that.

I have done my research though and learned that apparently Ameda is the brand most recommended by hospitals and is apparently one of the best. Those tata milk gatherers sure are expensive though. That's why I know I can count on my awesome mommy friends to enlighten me on whether or not they used a pump and when you know you need to begin it. 

I actually registered for this one. Anyone have experience with it?
Ameda Purely Yours via Babies R' Us

Don't worry, I do intend on attending a breast feeding class and I even 
bought a book. But hey, I still like to hear your thoughts!
Okay ladies, have at it! Pump or no Pump?