Reality Show Drama from a Baby Mama

As I checked my blogger feed today, I noticed that many posts were about the apparently new season of "The Bachelor." I'm so not a fan of this show. Don't get me wrong, I can see how drama; a handsome man; and often times fame craving women can create a good reality show, but I just can't get into it. 

The only reality dating show that I ever got hooked on was Sweet Home Alabama on CMT with Paige Duke. I'm not even quite sure how I started watching the show, but like "Bachelor" fans I quickly became immersed in the story and refused to miss an episode (thank you DVR). I've always said that the only reason I enjoyed the show was because Paige Duke actually seemed like an honest, humble southern girl who was looking for a southern gentleman. Unfortunately after dating for a year the couple just announced their split. I think another reason I loved the show was because they didn't get engaged at the end of the series. You can read more about the show in my original post here

I guess I'm just old fashioned when it comes to love. I do believe in the possibility of falling in love quickly and I'm not saying that it is impossible to find true love on reality TV, but the chances always seem so slim. How does one fall in love with a guy who is dating other women and doing the same dirty things (that they don't show on TV) with each girl? How do you  become engaged after knowing each other for just a few weeks? It's not like those weeks were spent entirely together. He was with all these other women during that time as well. 

Perhaps we should go back to "courting." You actually have to date a woman for a while and then ask her father's permission for her hand in marriage. Then you plan a wedding that you don't get paid millions for (that's for you Kim K) and then you live happily ever after making babies. 

But that's just me. I love a good marriage and I love making babies and I didn't have to win a contest to win my guy's heart (sort of). It was just fate. 

 Just to make you chuckle! 

Do you watch reality dating shows 
and become hooked on it?