To Do Before the Baby is Due

A friend of mine just recently gave me this precious little notepad. If she only knew how OCD I can be with lists and check-off boxes, then she'd really know how much I appreciated it. I'm not even quite sure where to begin with it. There is so much to do before the baby comes. 

First thing to do is to find out baby's gender tomorrow. Thank goodness it is Friday and that my gender appoint is about 25 hours from now. I'm just hoping that these 25 hours fly by somewhat. This baby mama can hardly wait. There is also furniture to be bought; a changing table to hopefully be made; a nursery to clean out and organize and registering and...blah, blah, blah. Let's just say there is a lot to be done and I'm feeling too lazy to do it all. 

I am more than ready to go and register. Speaking of, when is the right time to go register? I'm also extremely antsy to get the nursery setup and complete (there is that OCD again) but the problem is that the room isn't cleared out yet of previous furniture and junk. All that dang blasted junk. 

Maybe that's why it takes nine months to cook our little nuggets. I suppose it's so that way we have plenty of time to organize, baby proof, baby plan and baby moon before the baby comes. But I suppose it is time to start filling out the check list of things to do. Operation baby project is a go!

Were you able to get everything done
in time for baby?