When Everyone Else Knows What You're Having

Isn't it odd how everyone and their mama can point at your belly and tell you what you're having? It actually humors me. Its funny our relationship with someone can be so close that we actually know what's growing inside of them. We all do it. I'm very guilty of it too. 

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If it's a close friend or family member we swear up and down about what the sex of the baby is that their carrying. We don't care if they think it's a boy...we tell them it's a girl. We don't care that we were wrong with the last four pregnant people we knew; we still think we're right. Why is it that people really think they know what a woman is carrying? 

Some people may know your symptoms or may notice how you're carrying and then use that information to make a hypothesis. Some people may just insist that they can only see you with one particular gender (gee thanks) and some people just "have the feeling." I wish my feeling was as strong as some of the people that have tried to guess mine. 

Although I'm not quite sure at each moment of the day what my baby is, it amuses me that everyone else thinks they know what it is. Sure most of us are all thinking the same thing; but then again who really knows. Sometimes when people tell me I'm carrying the other sex (from what I think it is) I just want to say, "Nope you're wrong." But I don't say that because I know that I may be wrong too and I really don't care either way what it is. 

I'm two days away from finding out what little bit is and sometimes I wish I was as positive as others to say what I "think" it is. With all that said...I just need Saturday to hurry and come already. 

Have you ever been guilty of saying 
what you think someone is definitely having?