My Baby Daddy Did His Homework

Finally, I get to add a post to the section Baby Daddy Chronicles. I've been waiting for the right time to have a post to share about him and I finally have the right one. Let's just say this girl sure does have a fantastic baby daddy.

For my husband's birthday back in October I purchased him what I thought would be an easy-read father-to-be book and my family happened to give him one as well. Well as it turns out, the one my family gave him was more "appealing" (in other words a SUPER easy read) and he has now finished the book. I must say that he sure did impress me last night with his knowledge of taking care of infants and my soon-to-be milk swollen breasts (go figure he concentrated on that part). 

He was actually teaching me things. In fact, he made me think I was slightly unprepared. In fact the smarty pants was testing my knowledge on how often you bath a newborn; how you wipe a newborns bottom; and even informing me on charts I can use to keep track of feedings and such. To be quite honest, I failed at many of the questions he asked me. It made me feel like I need to catch up on my readings. Maybe I can just use the excuse "I'm busy growing a child." 

It's definitely a good thing that at least one of us will know what's going on when little bit arrives. It makes me feel so special to know that I married such a wonderful man who is really a wonderful "daddy to-be." Little bit is going to have the best (and most handsome) daddy ever. 

I mean seriously, any guy that starts the foot rubs at a mere four weeks pregnant is definitely a keeper. 

Did your husband {or baby daddy}
read those Father-to-Be books while expecting?