I'm Telling Ya, It Isn't Gas

There's so many different things that a first time mom-to-be can read and hear about her baby and her body. Everything about when the baby will begin moving to when you'll start to feel it and so on. Some people say there's no way to feel it around 15-16 weeks and others have felt it as early as 13 weeks. When you're a first time mom-to-be it can become confusing trying to decipher what was a movement, what was gas or what was just a muscle stretching out. 

My first "flutter" was at 13 weeks while lying on the sofa. I had actually been on the sofa all weekend due to being sick and after lunch I noticed that weird flutter like feeling going on and it was located on one side. Of course, you almost hate to say it to others because some say there's no way you can already feel it and then some may think you just have gas. So I wasn't too sure, but I assumed. More flutters didn't take place till 14 weeks and then by 15 weeks it was pretty constant. Now at 16 weeks I feel like I'm growing a little butterfly at the moment. Although truthfully now the "flutters" are pretty dang strong. It feels like a big butterfly now. Could there be a kick in the near future?

I think it is important to remember as a new mom-to-be that all women are different. Never doubt it's your baby moving just because others didn't feel their baby that early or just because the books say it's too soon. You're the only one that knows your body and you're definitely the only one that knows what your gas bubbles feel like. 

And I can tell ya, this isn't gas bubbles.

How early did you feel movement?
How different is a kick from a flutter?