Baby Preparations: Check

Well this weekend was a very successful one in terms of baby preparations. My husband is hardly ever off (like maybe one day every eighteen days) so getting things done for baby was going to be tough. 

He announced to me that he was going to be off for a few days by telling me to create the Honey-Do List. Well hate to break it to you babe...but ya really got a Honey-Do List! I am happy to say that he successfully completed all tasks which even included dinner and movie. On Saturday we went to a local baby furniture place and happened to find the perfect crib and dresser. It is crazy how you always go back to your first picks because the finish of the crib was the exact same as the original set that I wanted from Babies R Us. That trip was then followed by a few hours of registering and all I have to say is Oh, My. 

Registering is definitely overwhelming when you haven't had a child before and don't really know much about brands, products and more. My suggestion to any new mom is to do some research before registering. But I'll save a post for that topic later. 

Our weekend also included moving lots of furniture around and lots of organizing to make room for baby. Thank goodness for my mom because she came and helped. I'd probably still be staring at piles of crap if it wasn't for her. Her room is now 95% empty and her closet is done nicely and organized already. 

After so much this weekend, I'm still exhausted. I now need another day just to recuperate from all of it. I'm happy I started early and didn't wait until around thirty weeks, because if my back ached as much as it did this weekend, then I would surely feel sorry for anyone further than me after a long, productive weekend. My advice: the sooner you begin room preparations, furniture shopping and registering...the better!

I'm so grateful to my baby daddy for being amazing. Little Bit has an amazing daddy already (even though the sneaky guy added some boy stuff to our registry without me knowing). 

Our crib! It is a weathered gray finish and my favorite feature
is the bottom drawers! I want all the space I can get! We also purchased
the matching dresser. But booooo for having to wait 8-12 weeks for it all to come in. 

Was finding furniture easy or challenging for you?