That Motherly Instinct

So many people that you speak to who have had several children or maybe even just one, will likely tell you that they had a "motherly instinct" that told them what they were having. I'm in my second trimester and I really don't know if I have that instinct yet. Thank goodness I find out the sex of the baby in about three weeks, but I'm sure hoping my instinct kicks in before then. 

There are so many old wives tales that can "predict" the sex of the baby such as the way you carry to the heart rate of the baby to even if your right boob is bigger than the left. Believe me, I've read them all. If you go by all of the old tales most of them point out that it is indeed a little girl. Just about everyone I know and everyone on Facebook has predicted it's a girl. Only a few select think I'm carrying a boy. My husband firmly believes it is a girl.

 What about mommy? Well, mommy isn't really sure. 

I'm hoping that motherly instinct kicks in soon so I can tell my child one day that I knew exactly what he or she was. I'd hate to say, "Sorry kid, but I thought you were a girl all along." It would be nice to have that instinct so I can feel like I've already made that connection with my little baby. Perhaps if I could see it again on sonogram I would know. My husband is so desperately wishing for a boy that he's practicing his facial expressions for when they say, "It's a girl!" Funny thing is that I know he will be absolutely excited to have a little princess. Maybe he is right, maybe it is a girl. 

Then there is the chance it is a boy. 

Did you feel that "motherly instinct" that let 
you know what your baby was?