Nursery Furniture

Trying to decide on nursery furniture is turning out to be more difficult than I imagined. Apparently I don't like espresso or the new "modern black" furniture colors for babies (but I love them all over the house). I keep picturing my sweet little rug-rat with white or natural finish furniture but then I'm worried it is a boy and when he gets older thinks the white furniture is just too "girly."

Then there is the question as to do I buy furniture that converts into a bedroom set or do I just stick to basic nursery furniture? Reason I'm curious is because we plan on having three kids. So, do I let each child take their furniture as they grow older or just buy generic nursery furniture for all babies to use and then worry about the "big kid" furniture later?

Finally, I really want real wood. I don't want the real wood with the laminate coating because then it is likely to just chip and scratch easily. I also have the issue that our nursery is teeny-tiny making things more cluttered and allowing only like two reasonable pieces of furniture in there. We should hopefully be in this house only for another year. 

Decisions, decisions. Perhaps if I wasn't so OCD and ready to have things done now I could relax about this. I'm really worried that I'm going to dream about furniture tonight.

Here are just a few changing tables that I like for the nursery. 
What do you think is the most efficient? 

All furniture via Target

Do you suggest buying nursery 
furniture that converts to "big kid" furniture?