Showing the Bump

It's funny how many women have commented on my recent wardrobe choices or other prego ladies wardrobes at that. Nowadays women opt to show the belly rather than hide it behind loose, baggy clothing. I was even told by an older woman that I was a "sexy pregnant lady" (now I'm just curious just how sexy I was before the bump in her eyes). I'll admit that at first it seemed like wearing tight shirts wasn't doing much but making people think I had a slight beer belly (or that I needed to hit the gym). Then that little pregnancy curve really forms (when your uterus pops out) and you can wear shirts that fit perfectly to show it off.

 I'm all about showing the bump. It's there and I'm proud so I may as well flaunt it. You don't get new boobs just to hide em', so why hide the new pea in the pod? In fact, most days I won't put on something if it doesn't show I'm pregnant. Otherwise I just look like a porky kid who ate too much turkey on Thanksgiving. 

Shopping for maternity clothes is a whole new ball game for a woman. There aren't many places to go to, therefore the chances of going for the best price doesn't always exist. There isn't a Wal-Mart for pregnant people just as there isn't a line of Chanel maternity wear either. The stores are limited but luckily the options are all cute and trendy. Right now sweaters are my favorite because they hug your bug in every way and really make that bump pop out. No hiding behind moo-moos for this mama. Bring on the sweater tunics, leggings and horizontal stripes that enhance the "bump."

But no heels please. I just can't do the heels right now

Some of my newest favorites from Destination Maternity

Were you able to wear heels during your