Chinese Gender Charts

When first shouting out the news to everyone that I was expecting I was quickly met with the question, "Have you done the Chinese Gender Chart?" Well the truth be told, I did the Chinese Gender Chart the first day I found out I was pregnant. It wasn't as if I searched it out or anything; I was simply navigating around and found the side link for it. So I went ahead and completed the two simple questions and quickly found out that the great people of China thought I was having a girl (as if I wasn't already dreaming of bows and ballet slippers). 

I then found out from numerous people that the Chinese Gender Chart was accurate for all of them. Of course this news quickly fed my dreams of pink tutus and leopard print bows. However, I then heard someone else explaining their Chinese Gender results to me (and by the way theirs was wrong) and her chart had asked her a couple different questions than the one I did. So of course I let my curiosity get the best of me (I was also bored at work) and I searched out different Chinese Gender Charts online and completed several. I then discovered that there was a fault in the Chinese Gender Chart---they didn't all give the same results! 

Of course these results that the Chinese Gender Charts were giving me quickly frustrated me. Perhaps it's more frustrating because I'm not one of those mommies who has the instinct to say I know for sure it's a _____. Either way, I just want a healthy little baby. But after doing a bunch more today just for you guys, I received these results...

The one random Boy that I received...
This gender test is available at BabyCenter.Com

Based on these predictions, what would you say?
Watch the last one come out right... :)
I'll definitely send a letter to the great people of China to tell them how confused they made me. 

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