My Favorite Oils for Diffuser Jewelry + Thread and Lavender

Thread and Lavender

When I wear my jewelry every day, you can just about bet that some of my pieces are diffuser pieces. Typically you will find diffuser earrings on me or a really cool leather bracelet coated in my favorite essential oils.

Wearing essential oils on your jewelry allows you to get the benefits of your oils daily and most of all, to just kinda smell reallllyyyy good. It’s been around six years since I have worn perfume, so essential oils are my perfume and having them on my jewelry adds an everlasting effect.

Recently I received some beautiful diffuser bracelets from Thread and Lavender and you guys, I am so in love! First off, these bracelets hit on all of my favorites 1) Essential Oils 2) Women Entrepreneurs 3) Handmade 4) Earthy Materials 5) Chunky bracelets and 6) soft colors!

These bracelets are beautiful and WOODEN which is so unique to me. I love that I can add the drops of oils on my wooden beads and then I am ready to go (and smelling quite nice!). If you are in the market for some fun diffuser jewelry, definitely hop on over to Thread and Lavender and give them a follow and browse their items. It is seriously some of the prettiest pieces and I love that they are so stackable.

Women entrepreneurs have a special place in my heart, especially ones hand making things with love. My bracelets arrived packaged in beautiful bags and with a written note and a card to explain to me how to care for my bracelets. Honestly, it was the sweetest little package and totally made my day. I’ve seen a few different elastic bracelets and I can tell you that these are definitely high quality and durable (kids and bracelets don’t always mix, lol).

And guess how fun — I am giving away one over on Instagram! So head on there (@themushymommy) and check out today’s post to enter to win your own piece from this sister run boutique.

Oils for Diffuser Jewelry

My favorite oils to wear on my diffuser jewelry/perfume:

  • Joy: This oil is a no brainer because it’s floral scent is so perfume like and pleasant. Honestly I am not a huge fan of floral oils, but this unique blend from Young Living is truly a girl’s best friend for a dose of smell good and feel good!

  • Valor: Probably one of the best scents for both sexes (in my opinion) this earthy oil has a slight tang to it that gives it more than just that earthy vibe, but a little bit of that perfume/cologne appeal. This oil however is highly regarded for its ability to promote confidence, courage, ease anxiousness, improve emotions, help with sleep and so much more. It’s a mama’s best friend for some extra zen! This great oil is available in the starter kit!

  • Frankincense: I simply love this oil. This one is very “clean” but also earthy to me and most of all, it’s one of the most sacred oils of scripture. This is such a grounding oil that is wonderful for emotions and even sleep. It’s a great oil for church mornings or busy days.

  • White Angelica: Again, another emotional oil that smells so dang good and so similar to a perfume. I adore this oil and so do many others. It’s noted for its uplifting emotions and ability to handle negative emotions as well as so many cherish it for sleep. It’s my go to diffuser blend (with orange) for company.

  • Peace and Calming: This was originally always one of my favorite oils. It is truly a GEM for sleep, especially kid’s and toddler sleep. But the name says it all - use it for some peace and calming and to smell wonderful! Also available in the starter kit.

  • Stress Away: Such a beachy, fun smell that has a touch of vanilla with it. Many people love this and it quickly becomes a favorite in the starter kit. And yes, the name says it all!

  • Envision: Another unique blend from Young Living that has such a good perfume vibe! Use it for goat setting, work days, long days, scary days, etc… #allthedays

What are some of your favorite essential oils for your diffuser jewelry? Drop them in the comments below! Special thanks to Thread and Lavender for sending these stunning bracelets. Hop on over to their instagram to keep up with their newest items!

If you are ready to take the oily plunge and join an educational and thriving community to help guide you on your essential oils, then check us out here! We would love to get you on started and smelling good!